Cutting-edge next generational regenerative medicine, Cell Therapy

  • Cell therapy is an area of common interest in the global medical sector, targeting intractable, rare and damageable diseases that are hardly curable with the modern medical science.
  • In the cell therapy, living human cells are systematically treated in compliance with the national standards on safety, identity, strength, quality and purity before use in treatment process.
  • Cell therapy is categorized into immune cell-based therapy and stem cell-based therapy at the high level.

Immune cell therapy, stem cell therapy


3세대 항암제

본인의 면역세포를 강화해 암세포 사멸

면역세포는 T세포와 NK세포로 구분

부작용이 거의 없이 삶의 질(QOL)제고

치료 효과 + 재발률 감소 효과

각종 암 치료에 적합


건강한 세포를 분화시켜 손상된 세포를 대체(재생)

골수, 탯줄 등에서 추출한 세포 이용

성체줄기세포, 배아줄기세포, 역분화줄기세포로 구분

기존 치료제제, 재활치료 등과 병행해 효과 제고

루게릭, 연골 손상, 치매, 심장병 등 난치성, 희귀성 질환에 적합

Cutting-edge next generational regenerative medicine, Cell Therapy

Diverse cancers: Use immune cells to reinforce immunity and induce cancer cell destruction.
Lou Gehrig: Use cultivated stem cells to prevent motor nerve destruction and induce neural inflammatory reaction decrease
Knee cartilage damage: Transplant stem cells into a damaged part to induce cartilage cell regeneration