Why does cancer occur?

Cells are the smallest unit of the human body. They self-control themselves to divide, grow and die to implement necessary roles. However, due to immunity weakening, etc. caused by environmental, genetic, and aging problems, cells in specific body part may overgrow to form a mass. Such a mass is called tumor and malignant tumors among them are called cancer.

How are cancers treated?

Cancer cells are generated everyday in ordinary people, too, but are destroyed by the immune cells (T cell, Nk cell, etc.) inside the body. When this immune function is weakened, proliferated cancer cells should be removed using surgical operation, anti-cancer chemotherapy, radiotherapy, etc.

What is anti-cancer immune cell therapy?

It is a therapy to enhance immune cell (T cell, NK cell, etc.) functionality inside the body to kill cancer cells while controlling relapse. The therapy can minimize side effects since a patient’s own immune cells are extracted and cultivated.

What is the system of Immunecell LC?

Immunecell LC is an anti-cancer immune cell medicine. It is to harvest immune cells from a patient’s own blood, maximize their cancer-fighting ability, then inject into human body. Its manufacturer announced clinical test results that, with Immunecell LC injection, the experimental group showed 79% drop in mortality and 37% fall in relapse than the control group.

<10 billion T cells are cultivated and injected per session>

Who are subject to Immunecell LC?

Patients with any type of cancer (who are receiving a treatment or want to prevent post-treatment relapse)

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