Knee cartilage damage

Knee cartilage can be damaged if joints are deformed due to the aging process and muscular weakening as well as, even at a young age, due to overweight, violent exercise, accident, etc. Patients may experience sharp pain, throbbing pain or extreme pain even to limit joint movement. Cartilage, once damaged, is not regenerated.

Treatment for damaged knee cartilage

In the case of knee cartilage damage, medicine treatment using pain-relieving anti-inflammatory drug or physical therapy is utilized. However, these are not fundamental but supplementary to alleviate the intensity of pain. If a damaged part is large, endoscopic operation or artificial joint is considered. recently, Recently, Cartistem therapy is employed, which is to inject stem cell to a damaged part to help cartilage cell regeneration.

What is the medicine, Cartistem?

Cartistem is an allogeneic stem cell medicine treating osteoarthritis by helping the regeneration in the area of knee cartilage damage. The medicinal efficacy durability and safety were proven in 5-year long-term clinical follow-up process. The activity and functionality evaluation after the 5 years found that the experiment group showed 2.5 times better results than the control group. As of August, 2016, the accumulated sales volume reached as high as 4,000, demonstrating its broad use.

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