A simple way to see if any stem cell drug or therapy is reasonable pricewise and legal is to check if the corresponding drug or therapy is covered by medical insurance covering actual cost.
Stem cell drug approved by the Ministry of Food and Drug and stem cell therapy recognized as new medical technology are certified medical treatment. Therefore, if a patient holds an actual-expense-covering medical insurance, he or she receives support from the insurer for such a medical cost. But for any uncertified drug or therapy, no insurer will pay support (It should be noted that even some of the certified methods are not covered under national health insurance. Non-payment items are such cases. Still, in such a case, actual-cost-covering insurance should pay support for certified drug or therapy.)

Data on domestically-approved stem cell drugs are available at the homepage of Food and Drug Ministry. (http://ezdrug.mfds.go.kr) On the page, go to Information → Info on Food, Drug, etc. Information on stem cell therapy (medical procedure) is available at the homepage of Center for New Health Technology Assessment of National Evidence-based healthcare Collaborating Agency. → Go to nHTA Report

According to media reports, etc., Coach Hiddink was said to suffer from a serious arthritis and his knee cartilage was almost worn out. US and German medical teams proposed him an artificial joint procedure. But he finally chose South Korean stem cell therapy.
Hiddink had received Cartistem therapy of Medipost in early 2014 and, in 10 months, was told it was cured. Now he is known to enjoy not only his daily activities but also even jogging and golf. Back then, Hiddink’s doctor took his MRI and said his knee cartilage was regenerated to a considerable extent and his sports muscular strength test result was good.
Former President Jimmy Carter received Keytruda of MSD. It is an anti-cancer drug that helps immune cells find out tumor cells and kill them. This medicine combines with PD-1 of T cell so that cancer cells cannot inhibit T cells’ immune function. After all, it is to improve T cell immune functionality to provide anti-cancer effect.